As part of the national Medical Technology celebration, South SEED-LPDH College (SSLC), the SSLC Medical Technology Alliance for Integral Developments (METALLOIDS) conducted various activities on September 25 to September 29, 2017.

The week was filled with various team building and educational activities to pick the interest of everyone within the college.


The event kicked off with fundraising bazaar with various concessionaires; Spearhead Capitol Review Center and Usana Philippines also participated during the event with a quiz bee booth and a health assessment station respectively. They, along with Mompreneur Philippines and Beginner’s World Learning Center were the major sponsors of the said event.


The organizers also prepared an Escape Room, as the team building activity of the week, wherein students had to solve Medical Technology related puzzles at the shortest time in order to win.


There was also a quiz show, “Clash of the Neurons” patterned aftyer the National PAMET-PASMETH Quiz Show. This focused more on academics. The students were divided into several groups to answer various questions based on the level of difficulty. The questions asked during the Quiz Show were collated from the faculty of the College of Medical technology and our very own alumnus and instructor Mr. Mark Magracia hosted the event.


February 2017 Top 1 Board Reviewer Vanessa Leslie Rivera RMT, came to South SEED-LPDH College to give a talk about the profession and inspire the students to pursue their career as an Allied Health Professional, this seminar was followed by the culminating activity and awards night.


The entire week was packed with fun and learning that has definitely given the hard working students of the College the well-deserved break they needed.

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